The Major Exotic Hotels in San Francisco

If you are planning a trip to San Francisco, you should definitely stay in one of the historic hotels in San Francisco. Not only many of these hotels offer excellent services and offers, but offer clients a truly unique experience with a rich history. To visit these hotels you need to inquire about exotic car hire services with SFO Enterprise. Below are some of the best historical hotels in the area.

Sir Francis Duke Hotel

One of the most important hotels in this area is the historic Sir Francis Duke hotel. The name of the hotel comes from the English traveler Sir Francis Drake, who hardly noticed the discovery of the San Francisco Bay in 1579. Instead of opening the bay, he sailed to Golden Mount and landed in Drake’s Bay, which is about 28 miles north. The hotel was designed by architects Weeks & Day and became famous in the late twenties because it became home to great movies and vaudeville stars. This hotel was the main part of the business empire of Conrad Hilton.

Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel is another of the historic hotels in San Francisco and is known as one of the best luxury hotels ever built. The palace debuted in 1875 and quickly became known as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Undoubtedly, the size of the hotel is impressive: the hotel rises eight floors above the city of San Francisco. Though time has passed, this century-old hotel is still one of the most luxurious in San Francisco. This is due to the renovation of this historic hotel. The palace has crystal chandeliers of Austrian origin and for many years has been home to presidents, royal business giants, and movie stars.

Hotel Whitcomb

Hotel Whitcomb is another well-known and important historic hotel in the San Francisco area. This building is not only a beautiful place to see but is also considered a masterpiece of the twentieth century. Thanks to the high ceilings of the cathedrals and the renovated interiors with the decor and architecture of the turn of the century, travelers will feel as if they entered a different time when they entered Whitcomb’s door. The hotel’s history is long and diverse.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

While staying at the Mandarin Oriental, guests can enjoy luxurious rooms with panoramic views of San Francisco or the bay. This extravagant hotel occupies the upper floors of a 48-story tower, which is the third highest building in San Francisco in the SF financial district. It’s only a few blocks from Union Square and four blocks from the Transamerica pyramid.

Personality Hotels

Personality Hotels offers 4 hotels around Union Square. They can boast that they have brought boutique hotels to the city. Union Square is at the center of it all. The historic cable car, world-class shops, art museums, cathedrals, theaters and much more are just a few steps away. Each hotel is so unique that it is distinguished by individuality and not too far from what the entire city has to offer.

Historic hotels in San Francisco are a great way to make your trip to San Francisco a truly unique, unforgettable experience for many years. The above hotels are among the best hotels in this city and are not only a place to stay but also one of the most important buildings and attractions in the whole city. Always make use exotic car hire services when exploring these hotels.