The Major Exotic Hotels in San Francisco

If you are planning a trip to San Francisco, you should definitely stay in one of the historic hotels in San Francisco. Not only many of these hotels offer excellent services and offers, but offer clients a truly unique experience with a rich history. To visit these hotels you need to inquire about exotic car hire services with SFO Enterprise. Below are some of the best historical hotels in the area.

Sir Francis Duke Hotel

One of the most important hotels in this area is the historic Sir Francis Duke hotel. The name of the hotel comes from the English traveler Sir Francis Drake, who hardly noticed the discovery of the San Francisco Bay in 1579. Instead of opening the bay, he sailed to Golden Mount and landed in Drake’s Bay, which is about 28 miles north. The hotel was designed by architects Weeks & Day and became famous in the late twenties because it became home to great movies and vaudeville stars. This hotel was the main part of the business empire of Conrad Hilton.

Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel is another of the historic hotels in San Francisco and is known as one of the best luxury hotels ever built. The palace debuted in 1875 and quickly became known as one of the most luxurious hotels in the world.

Undoubtedly, the size of the hotel is impressive: the hotel rises eight floors above the city of San Francisco. Though time has passed, this century-old hotel is still one of the most luxurious in San Francisco. This is due to the renovation of this historic hotel. The palace has crystal chandeliers of Austrian origin and for many years has been home to presidents, royal business giants, and movie stars.

Hotel Whitcomb

Hotel Whitcomb is another well-known and important historic hotel in the San Francisco area. This building is not only a beautiful place to see but is also considered a masterpiece of the twentieth century. Thanks to the high ceilings of the cathedrals and the renovated interiors with the decor and architecture of the turn of the century, travelers will feel as if they entered a different time when they entered Whitcomb’s door. The hotel’s history is long and diverse.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel

While staying at the Mandarin Oriental, guests can enjoy luxurious rooms with panoramic views of San Francisco or the bay. This extravagant hotel occupies the upper floors of a 48-story tower, which is the third highest building in San Francisco in the SF financial district. It’s only a few blocks from Union Square and four blocks from the Transamerica pyramid.

Personality Hotels

Personality Hotels offers 4 hotels around Union Square. They can boast that they have brought boutique hotels to the city. Union Square is at the center of it all. The historic cable car, world-class shops, art museums, cathedrals, theaters and much more are just a few steps away. Each hotel is so unique that it is distinguished by individuality and not too far from what the entire city has to offer.

Historic hotels in San Francisco are a great way to make your trip to San Francisco a truly unique, unforgettable experience for many years. The above hotels are among the best hotels in this city and are not only a place to stay but also one of the most important buildings and attractions in the whole city. Always make use exotic car hire services when exploring these hotels.

Luxury Cars for Your Business Trip

Renting a vehicle is typically viewed as a task. A slight bother. Something that is done out of need if your vehicle is in the showroom or in case you’re voyaging. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which you held onto it as a chance to get yourself some additional extravagance, and consider the possibility that we revealed to you it can even be financially savvy to do as such.

Enter: the lesser picked, progressively brave vehicle rental system, leasing extravagance rental autos. While a modest two-entryway sports vehicle probably won’t be the most reasonable choice, it can add a spot of energy to a work excursion or exhausting day by day drive. As opposed to consequently settling on the rental vehicle that is practically similar to the vehicle you drive typically, rather you can savor every one of the fancy odds and ends that extravagance rental autos give.

Pieces of Advice

Your Brand

Past just finding a car that coordinates the general motivation behind your business trip, you ought to likewise search for extravagance and outlandish autos that really coordinate your organization and individual brand. In endeavoring to persuade top of the line customers to unite with you, marking and appearances and looks are completely pivotal. Rolls Royce, for example, represents exemplary and built up style. A Ferrari, then again, might pass on a greater amount of a vigorous sentiment of an upstart firm. Which of the two works better for your goals amid the excursion for work relies upon the individual brand you are hoping to speak to. Following are the best cars for the trip.


  1. Cadillac XTS
  2. Ford Mustang GT
  3. BMW 7 Series 740Li
  4. Audi A8 L 3.0T


As a rule, an extravagance vehicle is a wide term. It can allude to anything from Mercedes and BMW to Ferrari and Lamborghini. Every one of these brands, obviously, accompany altogether different sticker prices that need to coordinate with your organization’s financial plan. While doing your examination into potential extravagance and colorful rentals, make certain to comprehend the cost included. That implies the everyday rental, yet potential expenses included.


Why you should?

Something new

Beside straightforwardness, leasing an extravagance vehicle to carry you to and from your most recent commitment puts your business on the guide with your customers. Customer experience is top dog. Give your customers an affair they will always remember as they slide into the front seat of your McLaren on your approach to supper or an occasion. Working with you ought to be a joy in everything about, transportation will be secured when you lease an extravagance vehicle.


Let’s face it: nobody said business travel can’t be enjoyable! Make your next excursion for work in excess of business; make it a delight. Leasing an extravagance vehicle can make your next excursion for work the best trek you have ever taken. Set aside some opportunity to add some pleasure to your next work day and land in a world-class Tesla or a Bentley. Give this excursion a chance to be one you always remember.


Contingent upon the area and date of your rental, you may find that free market activity works to support you. Perhaps whatever is left of the tenants need smaller than usual vans since they’re going with kids. You might be astounded to find that an extravagance vehicle is inside only a couple of dollars daily of what you were wanting to rent.

Well-known Holiday attractions in Orlando

From wonderful enjoyment at the parks to the destinations for animal buffs, Florida boasts many tourist attractions for everyone as well as preferences. Whether you are celebrating an important day or perhaps just need a day getaway, Florida remains to be a holiday location for adventure. Plan ahead your itinerary to understand more about this amusement park for  an incredible getaway.

SeaWorld Orlando, FL

Including 2 hundred acres, the spot is an excellent choice to have fun with the sea cows, know about underwater life and hop aboard one of countless fun rides. Unique exhibitions really amaze every person!Pleasure rides contain the Manta roller coaster and many others.
In addition, tickets for grown ups cost $78.90 and for youngsters – $68.95.


The park is fantastic for nature enthusiasts plus alligator fanatics of every age group. The park is in addition one of the most ancient interesting attractions in Orlando. The place includes an observation tower, aviary and academic programs all year long.
A ticket for grownups costs $25.95, and for youngster, the price is $13.97, with discounts available ordering on-line.

Discovery Cove

It is actually an extraordinary resort where you and your loved ones will experience impressive animal activities in a gorgeous exotic atmosphere. Swim together with whales, feed exotic birds and even play along with a family of otters. Among adventures, delight in limitless access to a great assortment of drinks and food all day every day.

Putting Edge

Attempting to find adventure? Have a break from actuality and check out the Mini Golf experience! All the holes are as challenging as they are enjoyable, therefore call to book your tee-time now! Offering an assortment of group outings and any type of party.

Zombie Outbreak Orlando

It is actually a live activity living dead experience! You and your team will use state-of-the-art guns to clear a military base loaded with dead. This is certainly a real-life video game that is a good experience you don’t wish to miss!

Chocolate Museum & Cafe

It truly is the most current destination, as well as first dark chocolate museum! 22 solid dark chocolate sculptures about 5 feet in height! Homemade wine as well as dark chocolate pairings! Free of charge tasting of candies from around the world!

Titanic The Artifact Exhibition

Find out more about full-scale recreations of Titanic’s most famous locations, including Promenade Deck as well as Parlor Suite. Especially trained historians in time period costume portray widley known Titanic notables for instance Molly Brown, spreading various stories of passengers.The multi-room exhibit also displays an ‘Iceberg’ which visitors might touch to try out the cold of that nasty night.

The very best way for more information regarding everything is undoubtedly using an auto. We really mean, that you undoubtedly need a trusted rental car agency if you would like to feel flexibility on the vacation. In Orlando, Florida you might locate the most successful car hire deals along with companies like Advantage, Enterprise, Budget and others. They can supply you with a car or truck, that will meet up with all your personal needs, wheather you travel alone and independently or in a giant company!Be quick! The most popular sights in Orlando are already waiting for you!

Enjoy Taking Advantage of Hiring Reliable SUV Services

Driving your own car for a long distance is obviously exhausting and you would never want to feel exhausted and drained out before your vacation starts or before any meeting. It is always advisable to hire cars which are sure to take care of your comfort, safety and also see to it that you reach your destination on time.

You can hire any car because the car hiring companies offer a wide variety of cars based on your need. From a Sedan to SUV, you can call for anything based on your requirement. If you have to accommodate 7 passengers and also need comfort and space, then rent an SUV since it is the best for you.

Seating Capacity

The biggest advantage of SUV over any other cars is its seating capacity. Seven people can easily fit into an SUV and in some cases, even nine people can be accommodated.It serves the purpose of a van but with a much sportier look. It not only accommodates so many people but also gives enough space and comfort to the passengers.

The extra spacing is best for a large family going for a holiday trip. It is also best for the office people who do not want to compromise the comfort of a utility and luxurious car and are also concerned about the expenses. 7-passenger SUV services are the best option for car-pooling.

Hauling Versatility

One more benefit of SUVs is the adjustment of the third-row seating. This area of the SUV can be adjusted by folding it and then used for hauling your luggage. The SUV can be a great option if you want to create more storage area. The luggage is not exposed to weather as the area is completely covered.


The SUV is a very stable car and so is very safe to drive in any challenging conditions like hostile weather, bad road conditions and many more. The drivers who drive the hired SUV also rely completely on the stability of the vehicle as it is raised much higher above the ground. It is hardly affected because of the small objects or any debris. It is really a safe vehicle to travel.


This vehicle has extra horsepower and so the drivers are very confident while driving off-road. If you are planning a weekend trip to hilly areas or any off road places, it is the best option to hire a reliable SUV service for such trips. This is sure to give you an assurance of safety to your family as well as comfort and also the happiness of traveling together.


The SUVs are fuel-efficient vehicles that also offer luxury. Hiring a reliable SUV service guarantees that it is easy on your wallet. You can avail all the advantages of a luxurious and comfortable ride at a very convenient cost. Less expenditure on vehicle rent gives you the freedom to indulge in other activities during holidays. Even if you are using the car services for daily purpose, you are sure to save a good amount on daily commuting.

No other car can give you the advantage of an SUV as it is a very stable car. Nothing but the roominess is what outweighs everything. The SUV is a combination of a heavy duty vehicle and seating car and this is also the first choice for long journeys. As it has the capacity of accommodating more people it is also very economical to rent an SUV service to pick-up your guests from the airport and take them to the assigned venue.